A downloadable game

This game will put your obstacle dodging ability to the test.

However if you think you're tough enough to scale through the game, you're on!

Help Tomatoes Mama collect as many tomatoes for safe storage while avoiding the black tomatoes as they have been infected by diseases.

While you're at it, watch out for spikes and the static black animals which are ever ready to undo your effort.


1. Awesome graphics

2. Simple game mechanics

3. Multiple obstacles

4. 36 challenging levels

5. Smooth tap control


1. Just tap the "GO" button with mouse to run

2. Press the mouse or 'Z' button once to jump

3. Press the mouse or 'Z' button multiple times for continuous jump

4. Run to the Tomatoes Mama's house to complete level

Can you complete all the difficult and tricky levels? Let us know by leaving a comment at the review section.

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Install instructions

For MAC, you might need iSwiff to be able to launch the game or any other program to run the game.

Game can be played on Window PC only as it's not yet available for Windows store.


Tomatoes Mama World IC.swf 20 MB

Also available on

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